Writers in Conversation

Diasporic Imagination
10.9.(Wed) 20:00~21:30
@DDP Academy Hall | MC: Kang Young-sook
Chandrahas Choudhury is a novelist and essayist from India who explores the wider world. Bae Su-ah is a Korean novelist who navigates today’s world devoid of time and boundaries. Jeong Yeong Seon delves into the matters of regions, women and division in her writing. Jeon Sungtae raises his voice for refugee problems in such works as Over the Border. These four writers will exchange various ideas on the global issue of diaspora.


  • Chandrahas Choudhury Writer, India
    Chandrahas Choudhury is a novelist and essayist based in New Delhi where he lives now. His first novel, Arzee the Dwarf, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth First Book Prize, selected by World Literature Today as one of "60 Essential Works of Modern Indian Literature in English", and published in US by New York Review Books. His second novel, Clouds, was published earlier this year by Simon & Schuster. His new book, set in a Chinese restaurant in Mumbai, is called Days of My China Dragon. He writes about literature, travel and politics for a number of Indian and American journals, including the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. He was a Visiting Fellow at the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 2010, a Visiting Writer at Toji Cultural Centre in Korea in 2012. He is also the editor to a short introduction to the pleasures of Indian literature for the literary-minded traveler, India: A Traveler's Literary Companion (Whereabouts Press, California, 2010).
  • Bae Su-ah Writer, Korea
    Born in Seoul, Bae graduated from Ewha Womans University with a degree in Chemistry and debuted as a writer with the publication of A Dark Room in 1993. After her debut, she published various essays and novels. She also translated Angstblüte, a German novel written by Martin Walser. In addition, she translated various works in German language including those by Kafka, Sebald, Walzer, Jenny Erpenbeck, Herman Hesse, and Fernando Pessoa.
  • Jeon Sungtae Writer, Korea
    Jeon started his writing career when he won the 1994 Silcheon Munhak New Writer’s Award with his short story, Chasing Chickens. His short story collections include Maehyang, Over the Border, Wolves, The Second Self-Portrait. He also published a full-length novel titled The Female Barber. His essay collections include Big Brothers of the World, and Miscellaneous Literature. His earlier works are set in rural areas, where he has spent his childhood. His later works’ settings have broadened to include modernization process of Korea and its various characters. His 2005 work, Wolves was based on his personal experience in living in Mongolia. He is the recipient of Sin Dong-yeop Literary Award, Chae Man-sik Literary Award, Oh Yeongsu Literary Award, Hyundae Literary Award in Fiction, Lee Hyo-seok Literary Award, and Korea Daily Literary Award.
  • Jeong Yeong Seon Writer, Korea
    Jeong Yeong Seon was born in Namhae, Gyeongnam in 1963. She received her BA in Korean language and literature from Pusan National University. She made her literary debut when Munye Joongang journal published her short story “The Beauty of the Parallel” in 1997. She is known for her wide range of subject matters and her insights into the changes of time and Korean society through her depiction of the assassination of Empress Myeongseong in Time of Water and of North Korean people who defect for different reasons in Thinking People. Her works include the novels Thread Moon, Time of Water, Soft and Chewy Fear, and Thinking People and the short story collection The Beauty of the Parallel. She is the recipient of the Busan Literary Award, Busan Writer's Award, Bongsaeng Culture Award, and Yosan Kim Jeong han Literary Award.


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